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California is not the lenient state many believe it to be when it comes to drug crimes. In reality, the state will prosecute anyone who is found to be in illegal possession of a controlled substance as harshly as it can and as often as it can. If you have been arrested for drug possession crimes in Southern California, let Vista Criminal Defense Attorney James N. Dicks of jD LAW, P.C. know right away.

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Drug Possession Classifications in California

For the possession of any controlled substance without proper prescription, you can be slammed with penalties. While it is true that there are drug possession charges that only constitute an infraction, such crimes are considerably rare due to the fact that trace amounts of a substance are required. The crime will be considered a misdemeanor if only a few ounces are found on your person. In many cases and for many controlled substances, not even one pound is required to constitute a felony.

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Defenses to Drug Possession Crimes

For every crime on the books, there is at least one way to defend yourself against it. jD LAW, P.C. is well known throughout Vista, Escondido, and the surrounding area for crafting creative and effective defense strategies.

Defense tactics for drug possession charges may include:

  • Unlawful search and seizure: Anything the police do, they must do so within the extent of the law and often after the securement of an official warrant. Were you patted down by a police officer and subsequently arrested for possession? They might not have had the right to do so, making any evidence collected inadmissible.
  • Medical necessity: Sometimes a person is carrying a drug for medical use and may do so legally but does not have the documents to show it. This is commonly the case for drug possession arrests involving medical marijuana.
  • Mistaken identity: Drug possession charges can sometimes stem from an illegal substance found in a public place, such as the living room of your home. If you share the abode with other people, it is up to the prosecution to prove that you not only knew the drugs were there but also that they were yours and not someone else’s.

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If you need a drug crime lawyer in Vista, you can turn to jD LAW, P.C. for smart, reliable defense. From beginning to end, our firm can handle your case, remove the stress off your shoulders, and take all the legal troubles and paperwork off your plate. Call (760) 630-2000 now to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.

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