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Charged with Manufacturing, Transporting, or Distributing?

Drug trafficking is a blanket term for a variety of drug-related charges, most notably the manufacture, transportation, sale, and distribution of illegal drugs and controlled substances. If you have been arrested for drug trafficking, you will not only need to know the specifics of your charges but also find a lawyer who can handle them all. At jD LAW, Vista criminal attorneyJames N. Dicks has a Board Certification in Criminal Law and was once a police officer, giving him total comprehension of all drug crime charges and the defenses against them. If you want to retain his services, be sure to call (760) 630-2000 now and schedule a free initial consultation.

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Influential Factors on Drug Trafficking Crimes

Due to the generalness of the term drug trafficking, the charges you face can be specific to solely your case. Numerous elements will come into play to formulate the actual charges and, in turn, this will influence the potential penalties you might receive if convicted.

The four main aspects that influence a drug trafficking charge are:

  1. Intent: Being in possession of an illegal substance does not mean you wanted to participate in drug trafficking. The prosecution will want to prove that you had the intent to handle it for reasons other than personal use.
  2. Amount: A couple ounces of an illicit drug, even a Schedule I drug like marijuana, is probably not enough to constitute drug trafficking. Having a couple pounds of a substance, however, could. The more of a drug the police found on your person or on your property, the worse your penalties will be.
  3. Movement: Is there any proof that the illegal drugs actually moved or traded hands at any point? Or could it be said that no trafficking was ever completed? The answer will heavily influence how your case will be handled and how the prosecution will build their argument.
  4. Connections: The prosecution will bring its full force against you if they suspect the controlled substances moved over state lines or are related to a cartel or criminal group that operates in multiple states. Confirmation of these suspicions will escalate your charges to federal crimes.

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Acting Fast Can Bring a Positive Conclusion

Prison time, high fines, probation, and more penalties can all loom over you as you await your trial for drug trafficking charges. Rather than waiting and worrying, take action and put matters into your own hands with the help of Vista criminal attorney James N. Dicks. You will find that the sooner you retain our firm’s services, the sooner you will feel the stress of the situation dissipate. Knowing that you have an experienced and highly-acclaimed fighter in your corner can make all the difference in the world.

Do not worry about upfront costs. Your case evaluation is free and confidential.

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