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When you are arrested for suspected driving under the influence (DUI), the police will confiscate your license and send it to the California DMV. In exchange, the arresting officer will issue you a pink slip of paper that notifies you of your pending driver’s license suspension and acts as a 30-day temporary driving permit. When this time period expires, your license will be automatically suspended unless a hearing is scheduled with the DMV to contest your suspension. You only have 10 days after your arrest to contact the DMV and request a hearing.

At jD LAW, our knowledgeable Vista defense attorney has defended hundreds of clients against their drunk driving charges since 1990 and can handle both your criminal case and DMV hearing on your behalf. With more than 30 years of experience and invaluable insight as a board certified criminal law specialist, we have what it takes to ensure your rights are protected and maximize your chances of preserving your driving privileges.

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What Happens at a DMV Suspension Hearing?

While DMV hearings are in many ways more relaxed than court trials, they are still serious and must be treated as such. Your arresting officer will have submitted a sworn report to the DMV about you drunk driving case, which will be reviewed by a DMV hearing officer for the purposes of determining if your license should be suspended. While DMV hearings give you an opportunity to prove that your suspension is wrongful, these hearings operate on a lesser burden of proof that criminal trials, meaning that it is easier for a hearing officer to prove your guilt than in a criminal proceeding.

You will be asked three different questions at your DMV hearing:

  1. Did the officer have sufficient reason to believe you were under the influence?
  2. Were you arrested lawfully?
  3. Did you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher?

As a former police officer, our firm’s founding attorney Jim Dicks understands the process of challenging a license suspension and can greatly improve your chances of achieving a favorable outcome, saving your driving privileges in the process. From challenging evidence to attending the hearing on your behalf, we can carry the legal heavy lifting and put you in the best possible position for success.

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Retain the Powerful Representation You Need

Being arrested for DUI can be an extremely frightening experience – and it is not one you should consider enduring alone. Our Vista DUI attorney understands that good people can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations, and we are prepared to do everything within our power to help you get through this experience with your reputation and freedom intact. Backed by a proven history of success and an unshakable dedication to preserving your wellbeing, you can choose us with confidence knowing that your case is sure to be in excellent hands.

You do not have to plead guilty – contact our Vista office today to review your legal options.

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