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San Diego Criminal Defense Law Firm Overview

We are jD LAW Criminal Defense Attorneys, a criminal defense firm located right across the street from the North County Courthouse in Vista.

Founded in 1990 by former LAPD detective-turned-attorney James N. Dicks, our law firm is dedicated exclusively to defending the rights of California residents in their criminal cases - both state and federal.

We believe that your constitutional rights need to be protected and maintained constantly so they do not "disappear."

Hard-Hitting Experience.

Headed by board-certified criminal law specialist James N. Dicks, jD LAW Criminal Defense Attorneys has a staff of investigators, case managers, and support to develop the strongest possible defense for all our clients.

From police officer to criminal defense attorney, Mr. Dicks knows all the ins and outs of the justice system. During his 30 years of experience, he has resolved hundreds of criminal cases for the accused in the San Diego area.

Drawing upon his years of experience as a police officer and narcotics investigator, Mr. Dicks has a unique perspective of criminal law that has proven valuable in the clients he has represented. He is a DRE - drug recognition expert - who keeps current with the latest developments in the field. Learn more about how he defends his clients.

Personalized Attention.

"Easy to get a hold of."

"Didn’t beat around the bush and gave me his honest feedback."

"His approach to everything made dealing with my case much easier."

"He fought so hard for me he was able to get my case dismissed!"

"Extremely professional, helpful, and compassionate."

Criminal defense covers virtually any crime you can imagine, from petty theft to rape or murder. You need a defense lawyer who knows you and your case cold. James N. Dicks has worked on hundreds of criminal cases in both state and federal courts. He goes above and beyond for his clients in working to achieve the best results.

Committed to Justice.

Vigorous defense of clients and high ethical standards have given James N. Dicks a strong reputation with judges and prosecutors alike. He is well-respected by his peers, which counts for a lot in a court of law. Integrity is a must when you handle:

To Protect Your Rights, Talk to jD LAW Criminal Defense Attorneys

If constitutional rights aren’t protected - bang! They start to disappear. We cannot stress how important it is to talk to a lawyer right away if you are suspected of a crime, whether you are just under investigation or already facing charges. By working with James N. Dicks, you may be able to avoid a trial altogether or get a lesser sentence. We take action immediately to protect you, and have many successful results.

Have you been accused of a crime in San Diego? Contact our offices today!

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Find out the status of your loved
one in San Diego County

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