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At jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, we have made it our mission to provide top-notch advocacy at competitive prices. We have a sole focus on criminal defense cases and have earned a solid reputation as attorneys with both compassion towards our clients and aggression towards our opposition. If you have been arrested in anywhere in Rancho Santa Fe, schedule your free case evaluation with us today.

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Criminal Defense Specialist James N. Dicks Is On Your Side

For more than 30 years, Attorney James N. Dicks has devoted his career to protecting the rights of the criminally accused throughout North County. His lengthy experience with the law began when he was a police officer and narcotics investigator. Now, he uses his unique history to benefit his clients through cross-examinations of police officers and thorough investigations of evidence.

The accomplishments that set him apart from other lawyers do not stop there, however. He knew that in order to serve his clients to the best of his abilities, he would have to go above and beyond what is required of the average Rancho Santa Fe criminal defense attorney. After rigorous testing and extensive education, James N. Dicks has been certified as a criminal law specialist.

Other accomplishments that James N. Dicks and his law firm have earned include:

  • 10 "Superb" Avvo Rating (James N. Dicks)
  • Dozens of positive client testimonials
  • History of winning case results
  • Membership to the National College of DUI Defense

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Handling All Forms of Criminal Cases in Rancho Santa Fe

Being top criminal defense lawyers in North County means being able to tackle any case that comes our way, head-on. At jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, we never hesitate to take off the gloves and fight for our clients, regardless of the severity of their charges. After all, everyone deserves a fair chance in court and a hope for freedom. We are intent on going the extra mile to see that that happens.

We can fight any charges you are being accused of, including:

Depending on the accusations against you, a criminal conviction could have serious and lifelong consequences. Even misdemeanor charges could slap you with fines ranging to upwards of $1,000 and an entire year behind bars. If you've been charged with a felony, you can expect penalties even more dire, including lifetime incarceration with no chance of parole.

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About Our Convenient Location

In addition to the powerful legal guidance we offer, we also provide accessible and convenient counsel to clients. Our office is located directly across from the jail and near the courthouse.

Vista Address:
Melrose Center
400 South Melrose Drive, Suite 109
Vista, CA 92081

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You Need to Defend Your Freedom Today!

The bottom line is that if you have been arrested for any criminal violation, no matter how simple or severe, you really cannot afford to go to trial unprepared and undefended. Let our Rancho Santa Fe criminal defense attorney come to your aid and start building a comprehensive case for you.

Contact our office, located conveniently near the Vista Detention Center, today.

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Find out the status of your loved
one in San Diego County

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