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Under Investigation for an Internet Crime in San Diego?

If you have been accused of or are under investigation for an Internet crime in the North County area, it is important to act quickly and work with a San Diego criminal defense lawyer who has a good understanding of Internet crimes and their successful defenses—and who has your best interests in mind.

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Why Hire Our Firm? We Want To Protect Your Rights

jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys has helped many individuals that were facing serious charges for Internet crimes. We understand how nerve-wracking and unexpected your charges may be, which is why we are here to help resolve your charges and protect your freedom.

Attorney James N. Dicks is proud to have the following qualifications:

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Understanding the Charges Against You

California Internet crime, in general, refers to any criminal offenses that are committed on or through the Internet. Common Internet crimes include, but are not limited to, the following:

Internet crimes may be charged as felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the charges. By consulting with a San Diego Internet crime defense lawyer at jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, you can get real advice that could make all the difference.

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San Diego Piracy Charges

Internet crimes, including piracy, are in an area of law that is subject to constant change. Due to technological developments, it is nearly impossible for law enforcement to keep up with the ever-changing online world. As the music and movie industries have experienced massive profits losses, and the federal government loses tax revenue, more attention is being given to Internet piracy by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Online piracy is considered the act of stealing intellectual property. This can take many forms, including downloading movies, software programs and music to your computer. Many people do not realize the heavy penalties that can be imposed upon those found guilty of online piracy. Entertainment industry professionals have suffered heavy losses due to online piracy and often seek to enforce maximum penalties against those who have committed such crimes. Although it can be difficult to catch someone in the act of illegally downloading, when they are caught, they are very often used as an example to discourage others.

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Financial Theft and Internet Crimes in San Diego

Financial theft through the Internet is a relatively new area of criminal law. It can involve stealing another individual's identity or bank account information in order to commit fraud for financial gain. Anyone facing such charges is subject to heavy penalties in a conviction.

As the Internet continues to expand in commerce and online shopping, more new types of theft are arising. Individual can find themselves a victim of a theft crime before they even realize it. The news of continually hackings into stores' private information and consumers' credit card info seems to make the matters seem like common place. However, the charges are serious and can result in thousands of dollars in fines and years behind bars.

You may face charges for doing any of the following:

  • Stealing from a bank account via identity theft
  • Hacking into bank account information
  • Stealing online account passwords
  • Logging into online accounts to make purchases

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San Diego Espionage Internet Crimes

Using the Internet to obtain unauthorized information is illegal. However, the use of the Internet to acquire confidential documents and files has exploded in recent years, and there is a great deal of attention focused on identifying those who are involved in this activity.

Espionage can include illegally accessing information such as:

  • Business information
  • Trade secrets
  • Government documents
  • Any other confidential information

It is more crucial than ever that you obtain experienced and insightful counsel on your side. There are harsh penalties imposed upon those convicted of stealing, sharing or selling trade secrets, government information and other forms of corporate or government espionage. Accessing a computer, laptop, smart phone, or server without permission is considered a serious crime by the United States Government. If the crime allegedly involves any portion of a federal agency or unit, the individual may have to answer to espionage charges.

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Choose jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys for Aggressive Defense in San Diego

Defending Internet crimes is an area of criminal law that is complex and constantly changing due to new technological developments. It is also an area of law that is getting more attention from law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has created a special division dedicated to Internet fraud, called the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, to help devote more time and manpower to locating and preventing Internet crimes involving fraud.

Have you been accused of an Internet crime in San Diego? Contact our office today!

San Diego Internet crime defense attorney James N. Dicks has worked hard to stay abreast of the evolving Internet laws and regulations to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to successful defenses of Internet crimes. Because they are usually high-tech and may not leave much physical evidence, such crimes can be hard for the prosecution to prove. He can use this and other factors in your favor to help you.

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