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You Could Face Charges Even If You Were Not Present

Aiding and abetting is often termed accomplice liability; it is when law enforcement and the prosecutor in a criminal case has rounded up those who are thought to have any level of involvement in a criminal case, no matter how minor. Charges can be filed against you even if you were not present when the crime was committed. If the prosecutor alleges that you were aware that the criminal act was being planned and that you encouraged the commission of the crime in some way or facilitated or aided in its commission by your actions or words, you can face charges as an aider and abettor.

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Why You Need an Aggressive San Diego Criminal Lawyer

The skills of your defense counsel are the most important factor in what happens to you. You need a talented and aggressive criminal attorney that has years of success at trial working on your defense case immediately. Call the firm and speak with our San Diego defense attorney before your case progresses any further through the system. Do not answer any questions posed to you by law enforcement. Exercise your right to remain silent and retain the services of our firm immediately. As a board certified criminal law specialist, Attorney Dicks is well-equipped to defend you against these serious criminal charges.

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About Aiding and Abetting: Proving a Case in Criminal Court

To prove a person guilty of aiding and abetting a crime, it must be proven that:

  • The perpetrator actually committed the crime in question;
  • That prior to or during the commission of that criminal act, there were actions taken by the defendant that were intended to aid and abet the perpetrator to commit the offense;
  • That the actions taken, whether in words or conduct, in fact did aid and abet the actual commission of the crime by the perpetrator.

The person who committed the crime may have named you in an effort to get a reduced sentence by making a deal with the prosecutor, or there may be some form of evidence that leads the prosecutor to believe you had a level involvement that warrants charges being filed against you.

These can be tough cases, and many defendants have lost the legal battle and are now spending time in state prison for a crime that they didn't commit.

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Penalties Can Be Enhanced with a Prior Criminal Record

Those who have a prior criminal record will face enhanced penalties if convicted. Under state law, you will be charged for the crime itself and will face penalties as high as the perpetrator of the crime itself, in some cases even higher. If you are accused of aiding and abetting in any criminal case—whether a robbery, burglary, drug crime, violent crime, or other offense—you are at a crossroads. You could be convicted, and serve years in prison, based upon the facts the prosecutor has against you.

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If you are accused, it is imperative that your defense case is initiated immediately. Call the firm to discuss your situation and get counsel that has an extensive and established record of achieving positive outcomes at trial. The firm is recognized throughout the justice system in San Diego for top quality, aggressive defense representation in cases of involving accusations of aiding and abetting.

Call our firm today if you are facing charges of aiding and abetting in a felony case.

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