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At jD LAW, our Vista criminal defense attorneys have more than 30 years of collective legal experience helping the people of Southern California fight their criminal charges in and out of court. After you have been arrested for drug sales and distribution, you need a highly-skilled team like ours to represent your case. We will do everything in our power to have your charges reduced or completely dismissed. If the matter goes before the judge and jury, you can bet that we will be swinging in your favor for an acquittal.

Do not let the prosecution walk all over you. Do not let the state use excessive sentencing to ruin your life and livelihood. It is time to stand up for yourself and fight your drug sales and distribution charges. It is time to contact our Vista criminal defense lawyers.

We stand apart from other law firms because:

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Legal Definitions of Drug Sales & Distribution

Law enforcement often views drug sale and distribution as a “middle tier” or “street level” drug crime. It is considered more serious than simple possession but less serious than actually manufacturing and participating in a drug cartel, also called drug trafficking. Selling and distributing drugs is defined as it sounds: offering illegal narcotics to another party for profit or favors.

This “middle tier” positioning does not mean you will face a lenient prosecution. If anything, you can expect the state to use even more force to convict you. They may believe that by putting you behind bars, they cut the connection between the source and the buyers. Whether or not this is true, the punishments will be harsh all the same.

If you are convicted of drug sale and distribution, penalties could include:

  • Thousands in fines
  • Years in state prison
  • Minimum sentencing requirements
  • Probation after release

California uses an escalating penalty system based on individual circumstances of each case. For example, the more of an illicit substance you allegedly sold or distributed, the harsher the punishments tied to your conviction. Furthermore, penalties will increase based on what drugs are in question, with “more dangerous” drugs being hit with heavier sentence requirements.

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Intelligent Defense from a Specialist

Vista attorney James N. Dicks, who is the lead here at jD LAW, is a former narcotics investigator. This insight has allowed him to fully understand the prosecution’s strategies in drug sale and distribution cases. No matter what move they take, he can be two steps ahead, or more. Be sure to empower your defense by working with him.

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