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Aggressive Representation for All of North County

After being charged with a crime in North County, there is nothing more important than securing legal assistance from a criminal defense attorney. Prosecutors will be compiling evidence against you immediately, and your future depends on swift action from a law firm you can trust. At jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, we take our clients cases seriously and refuse to back down from the outcome they need.

People throughout Del Mar turn to our legal team because they know we come through when it counts. Not only is our lead attorney a former police officer, he also spent several years as a narcotics investigator. This unique perspective allows him to successfully dismantle even the most complex charges. Whatever you are facing, Attorney James N. Dicks is ready to take a stand on your behalf.

Find out what our firm has achieved for individuals we've represented in the past.

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Hundreds of Cases Tried, Track Record of Success

Many people neglect to retain an attorney because they don't think it will make a difference in the outcome of their case. Our firm knows differently. With a professional legal team in your corner, you don't have to fear anything that the prosecution may throw at you.

We build cases strategically, taking every shred of evidence into account. Police reports, witness testimonies, and your side of the story are all crucial in helping you succeed. The moment we begin working together, our goal is to protect and fight for your best interests in and out of the courtroom.

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Why is it important that Attorney James N. Dicks is a board certified criminal law specialist? This means that he has dedicated himself to hours of education and training, all to become one of the very best in his field. It is this same determination that fuels his efforts when handling each and every case.

Attorney James N. Dicks is capable of defending you from numerous charges, including:

Rather than letting the court decide the outcome of your future, give yourself the chance you deserve. jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys is behind you 100% and can apply more than 30 years of legal experience to your case. Calling today may save you from harsh penalties tomorrow!

Schedule your free consultation with a Del Mar criminal defense lawyer by calling jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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Find out the status of your loved
one in San Diego County

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