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A criminal conviction can lead to life-altering consequences: jail or prison time, steep fines, suspension of one’s driver’s license, and a criminal record. You don’t have to let your charge ruin your future. At jD LAW, we understand what is at stake and we do whatever it takes to protect our clients. Attorney James N. Dicks is former police officer and narcotics investigator who brings his insider knowledge of the criminal court system to every client’s defense. When you need a tough advocate, inside or outside of court, we are here to help.

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Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist - 30+ Years of Experience

If you have been arrested in Vista or throughout North County, you need an attorney with proven skills and a deep understanding of the criminal code. At jD LAW, James N. Dicks is a Vista criminal defense attorney who brings over 30 years of criminal law experience. He and his team are dedicated to defending your rights and protecting your future.

Why choose jD LAW to represent you?

  • We put 30+ years of proven experience on your side
  • We are dedicated to providing superior client service
  • We even the playing field with a law enforcement insider
  • We have a strong record of successes

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Mr. Dicks is not like other lawyers. He is a criminal defense specialist, certified by the State Bar of California. He is also a former narcotics investigator with the Los Angeles Police Department, and because of this, he knows how the other side of the system works. By dismantling the prosecution’s case, Mr. Dicks has helped numerous clients retain their freedom and avoid a criminal record.

jD LAW aggressively investigates cases by interviewing witnesses, examining the crime scene, and speaking with detectives. We will also speak to the San Diego County District Attorney on behalf of anyone our firm is defending. As someone who has worked on both sides of the law, James N. Dicks is respected throughout the legal and law enforcement community. He can negotiate with the prosecutor and gain more information through any investigation he conducts.

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He and his staff are very courteous and professional.

"Mr. Dicks got my charge dismissed before my court date which saved me the inconvenience of having to deal with the Vista courthouse and taking a day off work. He and his staff are very courteous and professional. I have retained him in the past and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend Mr. Dicks."

- Scotto R.

Criminal Matters We Handle

No matter how serious your charge is, whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, talk to our legal team for assistance. We are known for our high-quality representation and cutting-edge strategies. Our track record of success across a broad spectrum of criminal matters is a testament to our legal ability.

jD LAW is equipped to represent clients facing a diverse range of charges, including:

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Protect Your Rights

If you are arrested or charged with a crime, do not speak to law enforcement officers or investigators about the case. This information can be used against you in court. Anyone who has been arrested for a crime has the right to an attorney. An experienced and qualified lawyer such as Mr. Dicks will advise you on which questions can be answered and what statements you should make.

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Former Police Officer & Narcotics Investigator on Your Side

Vista Criminal Defense AttorneyAs a former police officer and former narcotics investigator, James N. Dicks brings unique insider knowledge of the criminal process. His background in law enforcement and in-depth understanding of the criminal courts has proven to be a valuable asset. He leverages this experience to fight for the best possible outcome for his clients, inside and outside of court. His understanding of the legal process from arrest to conviction allows him to exploit violations of protocol and injustice to protect his clients’ rights and freedom.

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Defending Clients in Vista & Beyond

The moment you are arrested or being investigated in Vista, a criminal defense lawyer at our North County firm is here for you. We can help you understand your rights, your options, and guide you through the intimidating criminal court system. Our legal team works hard to ensure your best interests are protected.

Our Vista office is located right across the street from the North County Courthouse. Please call us for a free initial consultation at (760) 630-2000 today.

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