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Import / Export Crime Defense Lawyers in San Diego

San Diego Crimes Involving Interstate & International Trade

In any business that deals with interstate or international trade, import and export crimes may become an issue. The United States government carefully regulates the import and export of goods and services that cross state and national borders. When federal laws are violated and illegal trade occurs, federal investigators and federal prosecutors will be quick to correct the issue.

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California boasts 1 of the 10 largest economies in the world, with international commerce comprising one fourth of the state’s economy. For this reason and others, the Immigration and Customs Department of the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol works to regulate what products are being shipped into and out of the state, in what way these products are transferred and how business is conducted.

A San Diego criminal attorney experienced with import / export laws, violations, and charges will be able to help business owners and other individuals ensure they are following trade laws. If any law is violated, intentionally or unintentionally, you will need a defense attorney from jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys on your side who can help assert your rights and ensure they are not violated during any portion of your case.

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Defending Trade Violation Accusations in California

San Diego criminal defense lawyer James N. Dicks is a former police officer who is board certified in criminal law, and committed to helping those who have been accused of or are under investigation for import and export crimes and trade law violations. With so many guidelines and laws to follow in the import and export of goods and services, you may find that you have unintentionally violated a trade law and are now facing an investigation by U.S. Customs and possible prosecution by federal prosecutors. Now, more than ever, you will need a capable defense lawyer who can help you and your business come out unscathed.

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Find out the status of your loved
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