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Charged With Grand Theft in San Diego?

Grand theft is the charge filed when the prosecutor alleges that the stolen property was valued at $950 or more – a serious criminal offense. If convicted of this crime, the penalties can be life-changing, as you could face years in state prison. The charge may be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony, based on what is alleged to have occurred.

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Petty Theft vs. Grand Theft

Petty theft is a crime in which an item is stolen with a value of less than $950. Grand Theft is when the value of money, labor, or property is valued at over $950. Grand theft charges will be filed automatically in cases involving the use of a firearm stealing an item from another person’s body – no matter the value.

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What Are Penalties for Grand Theft?

The penalties imposed in a conviction will reflect whether your charge was a misdemeanor or felony. In misdemeanor grand theft convictions, you could spend up to one year in county jail. For felony grand theft, the penalties range from sixteen months to three years in state prison. Once released, you may face challenges getting employed, as most employers shy away from hiring convicted felons.

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Beating a Grand Theft Charge: Defense Strategies

The first step in defending against a charge of grand theft in San Diego is to exercise your constitutional rights by remaining silent and retaining a San Diego theft crime defense attorney who has been successful in the criminal justice system and has a record of positive outcomes. There is no doubt that the quality, experience, and talent of your lawyer is a critical factor in whether you can avoid the consequences of a conviction. Some of the defense strategies that could be employed include:

  • You did not steal the item
  • You did not intend to steal the item
  • You are facing false accusations
  • The item was taken with the consent of the owners
  • You took the item in error

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How Does “Intent” Play a Role in Grand Theft Charges?

To achieve a conviction, the prosecutor must present compelling evidence to prove you had the intent to steal the item, which your defense lawyer can challenge in court. Your criminal lawyer stands between you and the power of the criminal justice system, advocates for you, and protects your rights and interests. At jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, a grand theft charge can be defended by a leading criminal lawyer who formerly served as an LAPD investigator and is one of the few Certified Criminal Law Specialists practicing in the San Diego area. When your future freedom is at stake, you need protection from a talented defense lawyer who has a record of achieving positive results in difficult criminal cases.

Several strategies could be successful in defending a grand theft charge. These strategies include negotiating a reduced charge, negotiating felony grand theft down to misdemeanor grand theft, a case dismissal, or an acquittal at trial. At jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are dedicated, aggressive, and have the background and skills to fight back, with a well-documented, well-presented case for the defense, or by working behind the scenes to negotiate an advantage.

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California Grand Theft Law

Under California Penal Code 487, the crime of grand theft has some special circumstances. Agricultural items valued up to $250, including avocados, olives, citrus fruit, vegetables, nuts, or other farm crops, along with domestic fowl, when stolen, will lead to grand theft charges. This also holds true for certain shellfish. If the item stolen was an automobile (of any value) or the item stolen off the body of another person, or the crime involved the use of a firearm, grand theft charges can be filed, no matter the value of the item.

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