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What to Do as an out of State Driver Charged with Drunk Driving

If you are from outside California and were stopped, tested and charged with DUIin the San Diego area, you may not be fully aware of the repercussions. When the state of California DMV suspends your driving privileges, your license will then be suspended under the current California law in your home state. When you were stopped, the officer gave you a notice telling you that your driving privileges in California would be suspended in 30 days. The notice also says you must request the Department of Motor Vehicles for a hearing within 10 days of arrest. You need to act now to retain a San Diego DUI lawyer before your case progresses any further through the system!

By calling on jD LAW for your case, you get the following benefits:

  • 30+ years of experience in the criminal field
  • Insight from a former police detective
  • Representation from a board certified criminal law specialist
  • Confidence in hundreds of criminal cases tried

Whatever DUI charges you are up against, you need to do everything in your power to minimize the repercussions. That is where our firm comes in. You can be confident that your rights and interests will be protected and fought for by a highly experienced legal professional.

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Understanding Your Out-of-State Charges

There are two aspects to your DUI offense; one is the criminal aspect, which will take place in the criminal justice system, and the second is the administrative matter related to your license suspension, which takes place at the DMV. A challenge to license suspension can be initiated by scheduling a DMV hearing, but this must take place within 10 days of your arrest, otherwise you will face an automatic suspension of your license in your home state as well as California.

We can utilize various strategies to help you avoid license suspension, including:

  • Exposing police errors and violations
  • Demonstrating that there was an illegal stop
  • Proving the incorrect administration of tests

The criminal case will be addressed in the state criminal court. All of the evidence should be carefully reviewed before you make any decisions. Never enter the courtroom on a DUI offense without representation. The ability to engage in a skilled cross-examination of police officers to expose procedural violations, vague answers and contradictions in the police testimony can be the pivotal factor in the outcome of your case. jD LAW makes every effort to accommodate non-California residents needing to travel to appear at hearings. The firm provides superior, personalized service and a passionate, well-crafted and professional defense against charges.

If you are facing serious DUI charges, be sure to contact the firm now for a free consultation.

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