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Accused of DUID in San Diego?

Even when you take a legally prescribed medication, you run the risk of being charged with a DUID if you operate a motor vehicle and are pulled over or are involved in an accident. If you have been charged with a DUID in the San Diego area, call jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys. We have been representing defendants for 30+ years and have the expertise you need when facing DUID charges.

Unlike a DUI offense, which is usually based on the evidence of your blood alcohol concentration, a DUID charge can is often far more subjective. Intoxication or impairment can vary from person to person with the same amount of medication or drug. These are gray areas which can be argued effectively by the skilled San Diego DUI of drugs attorney at our firm.

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Avoiding Jail Time After a Drug-Related DUI Arrest

If you have been arrested for being under the influence of drugs, it is important to contact a lawyer who can represent you should your case go to court. Working with an attorney will most likely immediately increase your chances of having a favorable outcome for your case—limiting the amount of evidence the prosecution can use to build their case. Under California's Health and Safety Code, Section 11550, the court may permit a person to undergo a licensed drug rehabilitation program in lieu of part or all of their county jail sentence. An experienced DUI defense lawyer in San Diego, CA may be able to help you get treatment instead of having to spend time in jail.

Illegal drugs, or controlled substances, include:

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What Penalties Are Involved in DUID Cases?

Just like DUI charges, DUID charges involve the DMV as well as the criminal court. This means you face more than just criminal penalties, but penalties from the DMV as well. You could spend up to six months in jail for a misdemeanor first offense that doesn't involve any property damage or injuries. Typically, this first DUID offense will also carry up to $1,000 in fines as well. The court may even order you to enroll in a drug treatment program that can last up to nine months. On top of the criminal court penalties, the DMV will like suspended your license for up to 6 months for minor offenses. You will also have to pay fees to get your license back and may have to retake the driver's license test.

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Former Police Detective & Specialist in Criminal Law

The importance of having a skilled San Diego criminal defense attorney cannot be understated in the case of a DUID. Attorney James N. Dicks has the experience of being a former law enforcement officer and board certified in criminal law. As such, he is extremely knowledgeable about the rules and regulations concerned with searches, seizures, arrest procedures, evidence chain of custody, and all of the common areas where police can make vital mistakes.

These mistakes can be used in order to suppress evidence that would otherwise be used against you. If critical evidence is suppressed, the charges could be dismissed.

Contact jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys today and take advantage of a free initial consultation. We will review and discuss whatever information you have concerning your arrest, answer whatever questions you may have and help you decide what the best option is for you. The penalties for DUI of drugs in Vista or San Diego can be just as severe, if not more, than a DUI. Please take the time to decide for yourself why our attorneys are the best choice for your criminal defense strategy and call us at (760) 630-2000 today. We offer free case evaluations!

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    Charges Reduced
  • DUI With Suspended License -
    DMV Hearing Won

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