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Accused of a Theft Crime in Carlsbad?

Theft crimes in Carlsbad range in seriousness from misdemeanors to felonies. Many people charged with a theft crime are good people who made a mistake or have been falsely accused.

If you have been accused of a theft crime in Carlsbad, jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys are here to help. Our legal team is headed by Attorney James N. Dicks, a former police officer and narcotics investigator. We know the system and how to defend you. Call us at (760) 630-2000 today.

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Common Theft Crimes in Carlsbad

There are many different types of theft crimes a person may be convicted of in Carlsbad. These range from petty theft to grand theft and include white-collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement.

If you have been charged with petty theft, Penal Code 488 PC applies. The Penal Code defines petty theft as the unlawful taking of property valued at $950 or less. This is a misdemeanor and covers crimes such as shoplifting. Shoplifting (Penal Code 495.5 PC) is defined as entering an open business with the intent to steal less than $950 worth of goods.

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor unless you are a repeat offender and have a felony record or are a registered sex offender. If you have stolen more than $950 worth of goods, Grand theft (penal Code 487 PC) applies. This could be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the value of the goods stolen and the circumstances surrounding the theft.

White-collar crimes are also included in theft crimes and cover offending such as accounting fraud, bank fraud, and embezzlement. These are usually charged as felonies, as the accused had the intent to deprive others, for their benefit, through deceptive means.

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Theft Crime Penalties

Theft crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the facts of the case and the seriousness of the offending. The penalty you could be facing will depend upon what type of offending is described in your charging document, along with the value of the goods or assets that have been stolen.

Penalties range from fines to jail time. Fines are the likely punishment if less than $50 of goods have been stolen and it is your first-time offending. If the theft is of goods worth $950 or more, a fine or a jail sentence of 16 months to 2 years could apply. More extensive penalties apply as the value of the theft increases. Due to the serious nature of these offenses, you must engage a skilled Carlsbad criminal defense lawyer if you have been charged with a theft crime.

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Proposition 47 and How We Can Help

In California, voters passed proposition 47 which amended the law and turned many crimes previously classified as felonies into misdemeanors. Therefore, if you have been charged with a theft crime such as felony burglary, forgery, grand theft of a firearm, or receiving stolen property, you should speak to an attorney right away.

jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys are experienced at reducing felony sentences to misdemeanors. This reduction can result in decreased jail time, enabling you to retain your liberty.

If you have been accused of a theft crime, you should contact a Carlsbad theft defense attorney at jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys. We may be able to help reduce the charges against you and remove the charge from your criminal record. jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys will examine the facts of your case and work to construct the best possible defense. Call us at (760) 630-2000 today for help from our skilled team.

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