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Leucadia Theft Crime Lawyers

Defending Clients Against Theft Crime Charges in Leucadia

Leucadia is a beachside community located within the northern part of Encinitas, less than 30 miles from San Diego. It offers small town charm, three secluded beaches, fabulous weather, and beautiful views. Leucadia is known for the Eucalyptus trees that line the main north and south road, the Coast Highway (Route 101), and the railroad tracks that parallel the coast road.

Although it still has obvious reminders of its surfing roots, today Leucadia is experiencing a sort of renaissance, with more high-end homes and more upscale shopping and dining. Despite these new developments, it retains its quaint, seaside charm.

Shops that line the main street include surf shops, tattoo parlors, bike rental shops, hair salons, art galleries, clothing stores, quaint old restaurants, and newer eateries. For many people, it is the most appealing community in Encinitas. Crime rates in Leucadia are well below the national average, for both violent crimes and property crimes, such as theft.

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Common Theft Crimes Our Firm Handles

Theft involves taking another person’s personal property with the intent of depriving that person of the use of their property. Our firm provides experienced criminal defense in a wide range of theft crimes, including:

  • Identity theft: This is the crime of taking someone else’s personal information to use in a fraudulent or unlawful manner. Identity theft is a wobbler, meaning it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony.
  • Petty theft: When property valued at $950 or less is unlawfully taken, the crime is petty theft, a misdemeanor.
  • Grand theft: It is a higher level crime when property unlawfully taken is determined to have a value of $950 or more, using the “reasonable fair market value.” Grand theft is a wobbler.
  • Grand theft of a firearm: A person can be charged with this offense for theft of a firearm worth more than $950, or when the accused is a registered sex offender or has a prior serious felony conviction. Grand theft of a firearm is a felony.
  • Mail theft: This crime involves stealing, hiding, destroying, or opening another person’s mail. Depending on the circumstances, mail theft can be a state or a federal crime. In California, it is charged as a misdemeanor.
  • Forgery: Signing someone else’s name, forging someone else’s handwriting, or creating or altering a financial or legal document for purposes of fraud is forgery. It is a wobbler offense.
  • Carjacking: This crime involves using force or fear to take control of a vehicle from another person. Carjacking is a felony offense.

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Severity of Penalties for Theft Crimes in Leucadia

Penalties for theft crimes can vary widely, depending on the type of theft you are charged with and the value of the goods or assets in question. For example, penalties for shoplifting involving less than $50 worth of merchandise may be limited to a fine. On the other hand, a felony such as grand theft of a firearm may carry penalties including felony probation, 16 months to three years in state prison, and a fine of up to $10,000.

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What to Do if You Are Arrested for a Theft Crime

With Proposition 47, passed by California voters in November 2014, many felony crimes became misdemeanors. The first thing to do after a theft crime arrest is to speak with an experienced Leucadia criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Having a felony reduced to a misdemeanor could greatly reduce jail time and may minimize other consequences.

Our theft crime lawyers at jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys can thoroughly examine the prosecution’s case against you and aggressively challenge the evidence. Contact us today at (760) 630-2000.

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