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How Can I Afford to Hire Your Firm?

By San Diego Attorney on July 26, 2012

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding payment plans:

  1. Does your firm offer payment plans?

Yes, our firm offers affordable payment plans for clients who decide to hire us. What the firm requires is at least half down and the balance may be paid in payments.

  1. How does the payment plan work?

To qualify for a payment plan, you must have a credit card on file. What this means is that you give our firm authorization to withdraw money from your checking/debit/ credit card on a certain date specified by the retainer agreement that you sign when hiring Attorney James N. Dicks.

  1. I have a credit card, but I want to be able to come in and pay cash. Is that an option for me?

Even if you want to come in and pay cash every month, we will still require a credit card on file. We will not withdraw money from the card unless a cash payment is not made. If you forget to come in, we will give you a courtesy phone call and tell you that a payment is due, but it is the responsibility of the client to have a cash payment on time.

  1. What can I do if I want to be able to set up a payment plan, but I don’t have a credit card and I can only pay in cash?

We will not accept a payment plan if someone cannot provide a card. In most cases, a family member is willing to lend their credit card number to have on file. Again, we will not withdraw form the card if the client is coming in and making payments on time. If no payments are being made, then we will withdraw from the card.

  1. What happens if at some point during my case, I can no longer pay for my attorney’s services?

The attorney has the right to withdraw form the case if he is no longer being paid. Ideally, we would not want to do this, but it will be done if there is a significant lack of payments on the account. We try to work individually with each client and try to assess his or her financial situation.

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