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Amputation Injury Lawyers in San Diego

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After an accident, the first thing we tend to look for Is a serious cut, especially on the head or near any major arteries and veins. Lacerations can cause serious complications depending on the depth of the wound and where it occurred. In some cases, it can quickly result in death if not treated quickly. Sadly, cuts are often discounted after an accident as minor injuries. Even extreme circumstances where a victim suffers an amputation can be minimized by an insurance company looking to offer a low settlement.

At jD LAW, our San Diego personal injury attorneys do not try to minimize the losses suffered by an accident victim, especially if the laceration affects their way of life or leads to a disfigurement. Instead, we aggressively advocate on victims’ behalf to secure proper compensation. If you suffered a serious laceration or amputation at the hands of a negligent individual, contact us at (760) 630-2000 to schedule a free consultation and learn what options are available to you.

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Why It Is More Than Just a Cut

Lacerations can take many shapes during an accident, whether it is the result of a slip and fall, traffic collision, or a dog bite. Some wounds may be shallow and not even require stitching, while others can extend down to the bone. Common types of lacerations that an accident victim can suffer include:

  • Superficial cuts along the top layers of skin
  • Lacerations along the face or eyes, resulting in vision loss
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Puncture wounds that damage internal organs, often occurring in stabbings and shootings
  • Infections as a result of a dog bite
  • Nerve damage if a nerve is severed
  • Damage to soft tissue, such as the Achille’s tendon
  • Brain damage from blood loss

The most extreme cases, of course, are amputations that can range from the loss of a finger or toe to the complete severing of an arm or leg. Amputations can occur at the time of the accident or due to complications at the hospital afterward. In any case, these injuries should never be treated as minor, especially with the costs associated with lacerations.

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Recovering After an Accident

Lacerations are often treated immediately by medical professionals after an accident to ensure victims do not suffer serious infections or complications due to blood loss. Doctors may be able to treat the damage with a handful of stitches and antibacterial medication. However, many accidents can lead to serious scars, which can be costly to repair with plastic surgery and can affect a victim’s mental health if a cut is on their face.

Beyond treating scar tissue, doctors may have to perform surgery to fix damage soft tissue, correct brain bleeds, and repair nerves. These costs can quickly add up depending on the extent of the damage and if the victim requires physical or cognitive therapy afterward. Surgical treatments for brain and nerve damage may not always lead to full recoveries and victims may need extensive treatment to recover full cognitive function or mobility of the affected body part.

In addition, amputations have the most long-lasting damage. Victims require prosthetics, physical therapy, skills training, and psychological treatment to deal with issues like phantom limb syndrome. The medical costs will last for years to come and the emotional trauma can be life changing.

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The Importance of Pursuing a Claim

If your accident was caused by a negligent party, then you deserve to have all related medical costs covered by their insurance company, as well as the wages you have lost, the emotional trauma, and the costs of changing your career if you are left disabled. However, insurance companies will try to discount any injury in an accident in order to avoid paying out large settlements. As a result of this, they may treat a laceration or scar as a minor injury.

But with the skills and knowledge of an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney, you may have the chance at proper compensation. The legal team at jD LAW believe that accident victims deserve proper treatment from insurance companies and should not have their injuries minimized. That is why we actively pursue proper compensation for victims of serious lacerations and amputations to ensure that no injury is left out of your claim. If you suffered a deep laceration, disfigurement, or amputation as a result of someone else’s negligence, call us at (760) 630-2000 to secure sound legal representation.

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