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Commercial trucks play a critical role in the economy of Southern California. Our roads and highways are jam-packed with shipments of goods throughout the state. Though they play an important role, there are times when truck drivers and trucking companies break safety regulations or drive recklessly to maximize profits, and the rest of us are put at risk.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a big rig, you may be able to pursue compensation for your family’s losses. However, winning a legal claim against a trucking company is not a simple task, as you will be going up against an army of lawyers trying to save them money. Attorney James N. Dicks and the legal team at jD LAW, know how to take on trucking companies, and how to get victims the compensation they deserve.

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What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

Since these vehicles are so large, a collision with a truck will leave the passenger vehicle and those inside it in far worse shape than the truck and its driver. Semi-trucks are large and difficult to maneuver, so truckers must exercise reasonable care not to injure others while driving on roads and highways. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driving Distracted: Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of all motor vehicle accidents. If a trucker is using his cell phone, eating, or adjusting the radio, and it results in an accident, he can be held legally responsible for his negligent behavior.
  • Speeding: Truckers may be pushed to drive at reckless speeds in order to make it to their destinations early or on time. Unsafe speeds greatly increase the odds of a wreck, and make them far more devastating when they do occur.
  • Driver Fatigue: While drivers behind the wheel of any vehicle can experience fatigue, the extended hours that truckers undergo on the road make them susceptible to chronic fatigue. The federal government has set specific limits on how long a truck driver can go without rest, but there are times when truckers violate these rules and it results in an accident.
  • Improper Maintenance: Trucking companies must have their vehicles regularly inspected and maintained, to ensure that parts don’t fail or break. However, many companies skip this step to cut costs. A bad tire or worn brake pad is all it takes to cause a devastating collision.
  • Overloaded Rig: There are specific weight limits in place for a semi-truck’s rig and cargo. If the trailer is heavier than safety limits allow for, it can result in horrific accidents. Trucking companies may break weight regulations in an attempt to cut corners and save money.
  • Defective Parts: In some instances, manufacturers provide trucks with defective or flawed parts. If it is found that defective parts are what caused a crash, the manufacturer may be liable for the victims’ injuries and other damages.

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How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Any time a truck is involved in a traffic collision with other vehicles, the results can be devastating. Even if a collision takes place at slower speeds, the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck leads to a greater risk of serious damage. Common types of truck accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Jackknifes: A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer attached to the truck “folds in” on the cab at a drastic angle: the shape of the truck and trailer resembles a pocketknife. Jackknifes can occur when a truck loses control or goes into a skid. The trailer does not stop and will start pushing forward, sweeping across other lanes of traffic. Jackknifing can occur for a number of reasons, such as bad weather conditions, or an overloaded rig. It can occur due to poor equipment and even driver error.
  • Underrides: When another vehicle strikes a truck’s trailer, the front end of the smaller vehicle can go partly or completely under the rear or side of the trailer. This results in the entire top of the passenger cab getting sheared off and can result in horrific injures or death to people inside of the smaller vehicle.
  • Rollovers: The large size and weight of commercial trucks puts them at a heightened risk of tipping over. Accidents of this nature create a lot of debris that can scatter all over a highway, creating serious hazards for other drivers.
  • Rear-End Collisions: A rear-end accident occurs when a truck hits the back of another vehicle, or vice versa. These accidents often occur after rain when roads are slick, at night when visibility can be limited, or when the truck is tailgating another motor vehicle. Because 18-wheelers take longer to come to a stop, truck drivers have less time to react to brake lights and slowing traffic. So when they tailgate, it often ends in catastrophic damage.

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What Injuries Are Victims Left With After a Crash?

Since commercial motor vehicles are so large, they can cause devastating injuries, which require hospitalization, surgery, and physical rehabilitation to heal properly. For example:

If you have been injured, or your loved one killed in a crash due to someone else’s carelessness, you need legal counsel to get you the justice you deserve.

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Talk to the Team Who Can Help Southland Truck Accident Victims

After a crash caused by a truck driver, you deserve compensation. But you need a tough lawyer in your corner to protect your rights. Trucking insurance companies are notorious for trying to explore every avenue to minimize settlements and make victims go away. When you work with the experienced San Diego personal injury lawyers at jD LAW, you can rest assured that you have a top-notch legal team on your side.

Call us at (760) 630-2000 to set up a free case evaluation. We are helpful, understanding, and ready to give you and your family the help you need to move on with your life.

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