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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

We are here to get you the compensation you deserve

Insurance companies have armies of lawyers to fight your claim. You need a team that can fight back.

Here at jD LAW, we know how difficult it can be to move on with your life after a traumatic injury or accident. If you or a loved one has had your life upended by an injury caused by the negligence of another, you have the right to pursue compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, damaged property, pain and suffering, and more.

The personal injury attorneys at jD LAW, are here to help you get justice. All personal injury cases present their own set of circumstances that make every case unique, which is why you need a lawyer who will focus on the details in your case and fight for the compensation you are entitled to. Don’t hesitate - call (619) 329-5699 to get in touch with our veteran legal team today.