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Is There More Domestic Violence on Super Bowl Sunday?

By San Diego Attorney on February 1, 2018

There has been debate going on for decades now as to whether Super Bowl Sunday sees an increase in domestic violence. There are no concrete numbers that back up this claim, and, Huffington Post, and many other reputable sources have tried to put this myth to rest. Domestic violence does tend to spike around the holidays, but it is much more common on Christmas than when two NFL teams hit the field in February.

Domestic Violence Is Everyday

Statistics show that every minute in the United States, 20 individuals are victims of domestic violence; and three women die from it every day. However, by demonizing a particular day instead of looking at the issue itself, the wrong message is sent. Domestic violence is a serious problem, but the fuss about Super Bowl Sunday makes it more likely that allegations will be encouraged, whether or not they are strictly true.

Emotions Do Run High

In the past, the idea that domestic violence increased on Super Bowl Sunday was attributed to the fact that people sit around a television all day watching a violent game. While football can be brutal, it is unlikely that it fuels testosterone in watchers and makes men more violent than they would be any other day of the year.

But alcohol, which is often present on Super Bowl Sunday, can bring out aggressive tendencies in certain personalities. When alcohol is combined with a stressful situation, like your team losing, family members crowding the house, children running wild, or losing money on the game, it can increase tensions and reasonably increase domestic disagreements. That is not the same as domestic violence.

Accusations Sometimes Come More Easily

When someone has been accused of domestic violence, it can come as a shock, and rarely is only one person to blame for the entire situation. If you were accused of domestic violence in Vista, you may feel that there is nothing that can be done to help you. But that is not true. At JD Law, we know how complicated and emotionally tangled these claims can be. We know that there is usually more to the story than what first meets the eye, and we can help explain what happened to law enforcement and the court.

Domestic violence is a horrible epidemic that happens to too many people throughout the country every day, including Super Bowl Sunday. When it does happen, both the accused and the victim should get the help they need, whether through counseling or legal representation. For a free consultation with a San Diego domestic violence attorney, call (760) 630-2000.

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