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Strange DUIs Involving Unique Vehicles

By San Diego Attorney on December 15, 2022

A DUI is a criminal offense that occurs when a person operates a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This can include driving while under the influence of prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, illegal drugs, or alcohol. A DUI can also occur when a person has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. If a person is convicted of a DUI, they may face penalties such as fines, jail time, and the suspension of their driver’s license.

Of course, the definition of a vehicle includes typical cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, but the report also encompasses other types of vehicles and many types of non-vehicles. Here are a few strange, interesting, or funny examples of DUI incidents from around the world:

Driving a Scooter Down the Interstate

As stated, you do not have to be driving a car to receive a DUI. For example, in Indiana, a man was once driving a stolen “in-store only” motorized scooter from Walmart on Indiana’s state road 135 when the police pulled him over for driving on the wrong side of the road. The man was later arrested for theft and charged with a DUI as well.

Horse and Carriage

DUIs can be applied to living creatures as well such as horses or oxen. A Colorado man once traveled on horseback to a family wedding in Utah. According to witnesses, while he was passing through Boulder, Colorado, he beat his horse repeatedly. When the police arrived, they found the man slumped over on his horse. The police had the man dismount and charged him with a DUI after he failed a series of sobriety tests.

Family DUI

In South Canterbury, New Zealand, a 15-year-old boy was once arrested for drunk driving on State Highway 1 near the small town of Pareora. When the police called his mother to collect him, she was also arrested for drunk driving on the way to pick him up on Craigie Ave–she was over twice the legal limit! And when the mother called her partner to come pick both of them up, he was also arrested for DUI on North St. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Pushing Your Car Home

After an office dinner party in downtown Changchun, Northeast China’s Jilin Province, Boss Zhang Fei announced to his ten employees that he was too drunk to drive home. Instead, due to the strict drunk driving laws and the short distance from the restaurant to his house, Fei suggested his ten employees push his vehicle to his home. The car-pushing crew drew a lot of attention during the three-mile journey to the boss’s home, but the local authorities later concluded that the 45-minute excursion was not a crime because the engine was not running. A happy ending!

Drunk at a Driving Test

In Romania, a man once arrived at his driving theory test too drunk to walk. Previously, the man’s license was taken away for driving under the influence. However, when he had the opportunity to regain his license, the 42-year-old entered the school stumbling and stinking of liquor. The authorities had him take a breathalyzer and discovered that he was intoxicated. As a result, he was asked to leave and told he could only take the test when sober. Let’s hope he’s more cautious next time.

Hire a Lawyer to Defend You in a DUI Case

If you have been charged with a DUI of any type, hiring a lawyer to defend you is crucial. A DUI conviction can result in jail time, fines, and a suspended license. JD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys can help you understand the charges against you and develop a defense. In addition, we can negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges. Our lawyers have years of experience and success in the courtroom. Schedule a consultation immediately. Call (760) 630-2000 today.

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