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Societal Biases and Misconceptions in Sex Crime Allegations

By San Diego Attorney on February 20, 2024

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Just being accused of a sex crime can have devastating consequences for your life, work, and relationships. As society works to encourage victims of real sexual abuse to come forward, the ferocity with which it seeks to punish and ostracize those accused of any alleged abuse can be frightening. Anyone facing accusations of sexual crimes must battle not only the complicated legal process and potentially harsh punishments but also the emotions of fear, disgust, and moral outrage newly directed at them from former friends or associates.

The Impact of Societal Biases on Sex Crime Allegations

Sex crimes, particularly those involving children, are some of the most publicly hated offenses covered by California law. For this reason, even an allegation of criminal sexual misconduct carries considerable stigma. Perhaps you have seen it in the media.

People accused of sex crimes lose their jobs, their friends, and their reputations, all before they have even been in court. The public assumption regarding these allegations is that the accused is “guilty until proven innocent.” It is an inaccurate assumption and can have a heavy emotional toll on anyone facing such accusations.

The stigma surrounding sex charges can persist, even after someone is found not guilty. It is essential to hire a skilled San Diego sex crime defense attorney to form a compelling legal strategy as early as possible to help minimize damage.

Myths and Misconceptions About Sex Criminals

Along with general, and sometimes misguided, public outrage about alleged sex offenders, there are certain myths and misconceptions on the subject that are made popular by headline news and inaccurate TV series. Here are a few that are often misunderstood:

Myth #1: All sex offenders are violent criminals.

  • Fact: The phrase “sex offender” is an umbrella term that applies to individuals convicted of a wide range of offenses, not all of which are violent. Of course, rape and murder are most often in the news, but crimes such as possessing indecent images, indecent exposure, and “annoying a child” are also included under this term.

Myth #2: All sex offenders are males.

  • Fact: While sex offenders are predominantly male, females and youth also commit sex crimes. Past studies have shown females commit approximately 20% of sexual offenses against children, and adolescents make up 17% of all arrests for sex crimes over a year. There is no set stereotype for who is or is not a sex offender.

Myth #3: Sex offenders will always re-offend.

  • Fact: Studies have shown that amongst the worst cases, child molesters and rapists, the reconviction rate for the same crime was 13% to 23%. This indicates that upwards of 77% of sex offenders in these categories do not re-offend after their first conviction. This is a striking difference when compared to the 63% recidivism rate of non-sexual offenders.

The Importance of an Unbiased Legal Defense

If you are facing sex crime accusations or charges in San Diego, a skilled sex crime lawyer can guide you through the legal process and make sure your rights are protected at every turn. With jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys, you can expect to have a dedicated legal ally on your side.

You can rely on us to:

  • Ensure your right to unbiased legal representation
  • Preserve your right to a fair trial
  • In case of a jury trial, remove individuals from the jury pool who show bias
  • Remind the jury you are innocent until proven guilty
  • Encourage the jury to decide on evidence rather than personal belief or emotional response

Your Defense Is Our Specialty

Have you been accused of a sex crime in San Diego? If yes, jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys is here to provide the unbiased, fair, and aggressive defense you deserve. Now is not the time to give up. With so much at stake, you need an experienced San Diego criminal defense lawyer who understands the nuances of sex crime cases to fight for your freedom and future.

Discuss your case with us by calling (760) 630-200 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation.

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