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DRE Checklist, Step 5: Divided Attention Psychophysical Tests

By San Diego Attorney on May 8, 2012

A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) must follow a checklist that breaks down into twelve components. The next few blogs will examine each step in detail.

Step 5: Divided Attention Psychophysical Tests

The DRE will administer four-divided attention psychophysical tests to the subject:

  • Romberg Balance- The subject is asked to stand with their feet together, head tilted slightly, and eyes closed while estimating 30 seconds.
  • Walk and Turn- The subject is asked to walk heel-to-toe along a line for nine steps.
  • One Leg Stand- The subject is asked to raise their foot about six inches from the ground and asked to count aloud until asked to stop.
  • Finger to Nose- The subject is asked to slowly touch their nose with an extended index finger.

These tests are designed to require the subject to do two things at once. These tests are physical, mental, and psychological in nature. An impaired subject won't be able to perform these tests very well and this evidence can be used to convince the jury or judge that the subject was under the influence.

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Source: A training manual for the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program

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