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Crime Statistics in the San Diego Area

By San Diego Attorney on August 28, 2019

The San Diego area is no stranger to crime. One only needs to look at statistics from the final weeks of last month for proof.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune’s crime summary for San Diego County, the week of July 17th – 23rd tallied:

  • 0 homicides,
  • 8 crimes against children,
  • 8 cases of elder abuse,
  • 7 rapes, and
  • 3 cases of arson.

Other crimes reported during this time period included: 389 alcohol and drug violations, 190 assaults, 164 burglaries, 53 DUIs, 22 cases of fraud, 49 robberies, 20 sex crimes, 220 cases of theft, 107 reports of vandalism, 123 vehicle break-in/thefts, 35 crimes involving weapons, and 9 miscellaneous crimes.

One could say that is not too bad for a county that is home to 3.338 million people.

Now, let us compare the next week of July 24th – 30th. That week tallied:

  • 1 homicide,
  • 12 crimes against children,
  • 6 cases of elder abuse,
  • 1 rape, and
  • 2 cases of arson.

Other crimes reported during those seven days included: 415 alcohol and drug violations, 186 assaults, 133 burglaries, 59 DUIs, 28 cases of fraud, 35 robberies, 18 sex crimes, 219 cases of theft, 95 reports of vandalism, 111 vehicle break-in/thefts, 49 crimes involving weapons, and 14 miscellaneous crimes.

It should be pointed out that not all of these reported crimes have concluded with an arrest. It should also be noted that not everyone accused of and arrested for a crime is guilty, or will be convicted in court. Nor should they be.

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