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Wet Reckless Vs. DUI

By San Diego Attorney on April 3, 2015

“Wet reckless” is a reduced charge associated with DUI charges. It is defined as reckless driving involving alcohol. Typically, this type of charge is given for a more mild offense and is reached through a plea bargain. If your blood alcohol level was near the legal limit and you didn’t show severe impairment on field sobriety tests, your defense lawyer may be able to secure a plea bargain for this charge.

This type of offense is usually an option for first time offenders. However, if you get DUI charges in the future, it will count as a prior conviction.

Why You Should Plea to Wet Reckless Charges

While it is always more favorable to get your charges entirely dropped, when this is not an option, pleading to wet reckless charges may be the next best choice. There are significant benefits to pleading to these charges rather than DUI charges.

The penalties of a wet reckless charge include some of the following:

  • No mandatory sentencing enhancements
  • Shorter jail sentence
  • Shorter probation sentence
  • Shorter amount of time in DUI school
  • No mandatory license suspension
  • Lesser fines

DUI will be permanently on your record, will cost you much more in fines, and may even result in your license being revoked or suspended for an extensive period of time. While wet reckless charges are only reserved for first-time offenders, they can be a great option for those who are eligible.

To pursue reduced charges in your DUI case, be sure to call on a San Diego drunk driving defense attorney who can help you pursue the results you want.

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