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How Does the Three Strikes System Work in California?

By San Diego Attorney on August 22, 2013

California’s Three Strikes Law dictates that any individual who has two prior “serious” or “violent” felony convictions, or strikes, on their record will face between 25 years to life in prison upon his or her third serious felony conviction. He or she will also be ineligible to receive parole until the minimum sentence has been served. This particular law gets its title from the baseball phrase, “three strikes and you’re out” and was enacted in an effort to deter repeat offenders from committing additional violent felony offenses.

While originally applied to all third-time criminal convictions, the Three Strikes Law was amended by Proposition 36, also known as the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012, and now the law only applies to third strike felony convictions of a serious or violent nature. The three strikes system also affects individuals with only one “strike” on their criminal record. A first-time conviction has a certain amount of leeway in that individuals may be allowed early parole for good behavior or could be offered probation or rehabilitation services rather than serving time in prison. If an individual already has one strike on their record, he or she is required to serve at least 80% of the original prison sentence before becoming eligible for parole.

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