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Driving Under the Influence in Construction Zones

By San Diego Attorney on January 20, 2023

Construction zones can be very dangerous for road workers. This has made it necessary for drivers to slow down when driving in these zones. Law enforcement officers tend to monitor construction zones to ensure workers are safe and motorists adhere to guidelines. They also watch out for potential drunk drivers in these zones.

When a driver is intoxicated and ends up causing injuries to workers in a construction zone, they will face legal consequences. Read on to learn more about DUI laws in construction zones and the potential penalties for those found in violation. You will also learn how to defend yourself when faced with such charges.

California DUI Laws in Construction Zones

For any offense committed by the driver of a car within a highway maintenance or construction zone, they will be responsible for any damages caused by accidents. Given the extensive road network in California, motorists often come across construction zones when driving. There is often a specified reduced speed limit to protect the construction workers and prevent any possible collision. You could face aggravated DUI charges if you drive under the influence in these zones. This puts you at risk of various penalties as consequences for your actions. If you are facing such charges in California, an experienced DUI attorney can help put up a strong defense for your case.

Penalties for DUI in Construction Zones

There are several penalties for driving under the influence in construction zones. The fact that a driver is endangering the safety of construction workers in these zones could make penalties harsh. Some of the standard penalties for DUI in construction zones include:

  • Serving Time in Prison or Jail: The amount of time you will spend in prison or jail for a construction zone DUI conviction depends on the number of prior convictions. Besides, the amount of damage caused by the intoxicated driver plays a key role in the sentencing.
  • Fines: Another common penalty for DUI conviction is fining. In fact, a majority of DUI convictions are punished with fines. In California, DUI fines depend on the extent of the damage and how reckless you were when driving. The same factors that can increase your time in prison can also increase the amount of fine you need to pay. If you have prior DUI convictions, you will likely pay more DUI fines. Besides, various aggravating factors could result in higher fines due to the level of damage caused.
  • Suspension of Driver’s License: You can also be punished for driving under the influence in construction zones by having your driver’s license suspended. A construction zone DUI offender will likely have their license suspended by the court or the state’s vehicles department. While this is a common penalty, the suspension period depends on the driver’s prior convictions.

Defenses To DUI Charges in Construction Zones

When facing DUI charges, you can be defended in several ways. For instance, it could be argued that the police did not follow the right protocol when arresting you. Defenses related to arrest procedures typically involve a request to the judge to remove evidence. The police are required by law to follow the right procedure when arresting suspects, including DUI offenders.

Law Criminal Defense Attorneys

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