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DRE Checklist, Step 9: Examination for Injection Sites

By San Diego Attorney on May 23, 2012

A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) must follow a checklist that breaks down into twelve components. The next few blogs will examine each step in detail.

Step 9: Examination for injection Sites

The DRE will examine the subject’s arms, the hands, the fingers, etc. for signs of hypodermic needle injections. They will look for “track marks”, of the habitual “hype”. Many people routinely inject other drugs such as depressants, cocaine, and LSD. The search will be focused around subject’s who have tattoos and scabs, as they will feel for “bumps” or welts that might be fresh injection marks. A schematic light, which is an illuminating magnifying lens, will be used for a close visual inspection of possible injection sites.

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Source: A training manual for the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program

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