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What Is the Purpose of Working with an Experienced San Diego Arson Attorney?

If you have been charged with arson, it is important to consult a San Diego criminal defense attorney immediately who can advise you about your options to defend against the accusation. The ramifications of a conviction are extensive, including a long prison sentence, as well as the requirement to pay back the city or state for any costs related to fighting and putting out the fire.

Even if you are under investigation and no charges have been filed, a lawyer that takes fast, effective defense actions could make all the difference in the outcome of the investigation. By observing your constitutional rights and hiring an attorney, you can take the necessary steps to avoid incriminating yourself or supplying law enforcement officials with information that will be used to support your arrest and be used to assist in the prosecutor's case against you.

Schedule a free case evaluation with our San Diego arson defense attorney at jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys by calling (760) 630-2000.

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Arson: Intentional and Malicious Burning

Arson is the intentional and malicious burning of any building, structure, property or land. Arson is considered a violent crime in California and carries extremely harsh penalties for the convicted.

Arson is charged as a felony in California and carries prison sentences ranging from 16 months to life in state prison, depending upon the circumstances. Fines of up to $50,000 or more may be imposed, and the offender will be required to register with law enforcement authorities as an arsonist. Some cases involve fires set in natural areas, and the costs of fighting the blaze could be part of your penalty. When injury results or in cases in which the accused individual has a prior arson conviction, enhanced penalties will be imposed by the court.

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What Penalties Can I Expect?

Arson charges will carry different penalties depending upon a number of factors. A skilled San Diego arson defense lawyer can investigate the situation, seek out the weaknesses in the case, and craft a defense strategy to help you fight back. The goal for all of our clients is to pursue the best possible outcome. The options could include getting a full case dismissal, reduced charge, or seeking an acquittal. Attorney James N. Dicks is qualified to represent you in state or federal court regarding your arson charge. His experience and dedication make him a force to reckon with in and out of the courtroom.

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Will I Face Federal Charges of Arson?

If your case involves a fire on federal land, the charges will be filed in federal court, a very serious legal situation. The federal prosecutor will be highly motivated to get a conviction, as is their duty. If a fire was started in any national park or on other federal lands, your attorney must be admitted to practice in federal court, and should have a served in this capacity for many years. The federal court system is completely separate from the state system in all matters, including personnel, judges and penalties. In some cases, both state and federal charges could be filed.

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Free Consultation with a San Diego Arson Lawyer

Get help from the professional San Diego legal team at jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys. The lead attorney James N. Dicks has extensive experience in federal court, and has the ability to craft a compelling, intelligent and persuasive defense case, and is highly skilled in challenging evidence and cross examination of witnesses. He has been called upon to train other criminal lawyers in this critical aspect of defense law, and is skilled in establishing reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury. Call today at (760) 630-2000.

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