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Accused of Manufacturing Drugs in San Diego?

Are you currently under investigation for suspected manufacturing of meth or another controlled substance? If so, it is important to get immediate representation from an attorney who will fight for any possible advantage for you at every turn. The criminal justice system is extremely tough, and it is not uncommon for a defendant to be railroaded if he or she is not protected by a highly skilled San Diego drug crime defense lawyer. In a case involving drug manufacturing charges, you want an experienced and proven defender on your side, and should contact jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys at (760) 630-2000 without delay.

jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys has a unique perspective on how to best defend manufacturing charges and when you choose to work with us, you can be confident that you have a solid defense team on your side. Our lawyer, James N. Dicks, can vigorously defend your constitutional rights and fight relentlessly to pursue a positive outcome for you. He is more than qualified to assist you with your drug manufacturing charges!

Attorney James N. Dicks has vast experience, which includes:

  • More than 30 years of legal experience
  • Experience as a law enforcement officer and narcotics investigator
  • Board certification as a criminal law specialist
  • More than 100 criminal cases tried

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What Is Considered a Manufacturing Crime?

Drug manufacturing refers to certain controlled substances which are created, or manufactured, through specific chemical processes. In the San Diego area, drug manufacturing charges are most frequently related to the manufacture of methamphetamines.

Other drugs that can be processed include:

Any of these drugs are subject to felony drug charges if it is alleged that a defendant was involved in the manufacturing process, at any level. Even being in possession of certain substances used in manufacturing meth can lead to felony criminal charges.

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What Are Penalties for Conviction?

The penalties imposed in a conviction will be influenced by several factors, including the prior criminal record of the accused, the type of drug, the amount of the substance involved (for distribution), and the scale of the operations. The initial penalty, without enhancements, can include up to seven years in state prison, with the forfeiture of property included in more complex cases.

Facing drug manufacturing charges in San Diego? Contact jD Law Criminal Defense Attorneys at (760) 630-2000 for more information about defending your case. The earlier we are involved, the better your defense will likely be.

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Sample of Case Results

  • Multiple Drug Charges -
    Case Dismissed

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Find out the status of your loved
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