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Arrested for DUI While Stationed at Camp Pendleton?

By San Diego Attorney on September 1, 2016

Generally speaking, military service members are subject to much greater scrutiny from society and have a much higher expectation to obey the law. In reality, members of the military are humans like everyone else and sometimes make mistakes. When the mistake is driving under the influence (DUI), however, the consequences can be severe. If you have been charged with a DUI-related crime while stationed at Marine Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, it is urgent you retain the services of a hard-hitting military DUI attorney as soon as possible to protect your future and reputation.

On-Base vs. Off-Base DUI Charges

Since Camp Pendleton and the surrounding areas are governed by different jurisdictions, including Military Police, Oceanside Police, and California Highway Patrol, the location in which your arrest takes place will play a major role in determining the subsequent procedure and resulting consequences. Drunk or drugged driving arrests that occur off-base are handled in civilian courts and are no different than any other DUI case. Penalties will vary depending on your history of prior offenses and any aggravating factors that may surround your arrest, such as if your alleged drunk driving caused a collision which resulted in serious injury or death to another person.

If convicted in civilian court, you could face the following penalties:

  • Expensive fines
  • Possible jail time
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Alcohol treatment
  • Ignition interlock device installation

Conversely, military personnel that are arrested for DUI on-installation (or off-base arrests that are not pursued in civilian court) are subject to punishment under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Unlike in civilian DUI cases where a maximum sentence is predetermined, military courts are given complete discretion in determining punishments. Military punitive actions may come either in the form of court martial proceedings or non-judicial punishment.

Possible military penalties may include:

  • Official reprimand
  • Confinement
  • Forfeiture of pay
  • Reduction in grade
  • Additional duties
  • Dismissal

Camp Pendleton Military DUI Attorney – (760) 630-2000

If you have been charged with a military DUI, your chances of securing a favorable outcome are only as good as the attorney you have by your side. At JD Law, our San Diego military criminal attorney has represented countless accused service members stationed at Camp Pendleton and can provide the aggressive advocacy you need to ensure your rights are protected. To find out more about what our 30+ years of experience can do for you, contact our office online or schedule a free case review today.

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