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Avoiding DUI after the Super Bowl

By San Diego Attorney on January 29, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is a day filled with potlucks, drinks, and of course, football. After all the festivities subside, many individuals don’t realize how much they have had to drink, unknowingly getting behind the wheel while impaired, putting themselves at risk for getting pulled over for DUI.

Super Bowl Sundays is known to be one of the most popular days for drinking, which means law enforcement will be on the prowl for DUI offenders, seeking to pull over any individuals who look even slightly suspicious. Make sure you read the tips below to keep your Super Bowl Sunday is full of fun festivities, not DUI charges.

Tips for Avoiding DUI Charges

The most effective way to avoid a DUI is to simply not drink and drive. Even if you think you are sober enough to get behind the wheel, your BAC level or motor skills might read otherwise. If you plan on driving on Super Bowl Sunday, it is best to avoid drinking altogether to completely eliminate your chances of being arrested for a DUI.

If you do plan on drinking, follow these tips:

  • Eat plenty of substantial food, not just snacks
  • Make sure to have a few glasses of water
  • Keep track of how many drinks you have
  • Set up a designated driver
  • Call a taxi or rideshare company, such as Uber
  • Ask your friend if you can stay over

Due to the fact that many designated drivers get pulled into drinking when the celebrations begin, you may need to have a backup plan. That is why the tips above can help you avoid feeling like you have no other choice but to get behind the wheel. Also, eating food can help you balance your impairment while drinking water can help you clear the alcohol out of your system. Still, that doesn’t mean you can get back on the road simply because you following tips on eating and drinking. You will need to make sure you are sober enough or simply wait it out to ensure that you don’t find yourself in a tough position in the back of a cop car.

There are plenty of ways to keep the road safe and ensure you don’t get arrested for DUI. For more tips on how to avoid a conviction, contact JD Law today.

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